East Trans invests in HESTAL CargoMaster Strap Lift System

East Trans gets smart with their new Curtain-Sided and Rigid Safety Strapping Systems.

The HESTAL CargoMaster strap lift system has been specifically designed to aid with load securing. The new strapping system enables positioning and fastening of the restraining straps without mounting the trailer.

The CargoMaster is a modular system consisting of the strap lift itself and three different fastening options.

Benefits of using this strapping system on our Curtainsiders;

  • Time saving due to handy strap lifts as well as fast and easy tying down from the ground
  • Increase of durability and cleanness of the used restraining straps
  • Minimised space of the strap lift system due to patented swivel and clamping technology
  • Reduced risk of danger because the motivation for load securing rises due to the fast, handy and easy system; at this the operator does not need to climb the cargo space